oh hi, I cut my hair :3

Do what you want (with my body) ♪ ?

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Anonymous asked: Hahaha you deleted the right one! Thank you very much and I appreciate it!

I’m glad ^.^

No problem, have a good day c:

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Anonymous asked: Hahaha well it's just an old picture that I think looks quite silly, and I'd be more comfortable if it was removed. And I appreciate your understanding very much! It won't let me add a link, but I'm the lad with the large septum, snakebites, two nostril piercings, and I'm wearing a tanktop in the picture. It isn't too far down in your blog, but I'm sorry if it's a hassle for you to find and remove. Thanks so much for helping me out with this :)

I believe I deleted it. Tell me if i deleted the wrong one. And you’re gorgeous ok

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Anonymous asked: Hello I'll come off anon of I have to, but is there a way I could message you about removing a picture of me from this blog? I deleted it but it shows up on all the blogs that reblogged so it's on google too. Thank you so much, if I send you the link to it could you just remove it? It would mean a lot to me

Of course, if you don’t want it on here then I’ll take it down.  And yes please just send me the link. If your reason for me removing the picture is because you don’t feel like you’re attractive then I respect your wishes but I would have to disagree with you. Have a good day darling c:

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